Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the course routes?

A: 1.2 Mile Fun Run/Walk Route –
4 Mile Race Route – http://

Q: Are there any age restrictions for this event?

A: Children under age 9 are not recommended to participate in the 4 mile distance.

Q: May I walk my pet during the event?

A: Yes. In fact, we have an award for the fastest 4 mile finisher running with a dog called TOP DOG!  Please keep your pet on a short leash, and remain aware and respectful of all athletes surrounding. If you can not control your pet, you will be asked to leave the venue. Please pick up after your pet.

Q: May my small child walk with me without officially entering the event?

A: No. All active participants are required to pay the registration fee.

Q: May I push my child in a stroller during the event at no additional charge?

A: Yes. In fact, we have an award for the fastest 4 mile finisher pushing a stroller called HOT WHEELS!  Strollers are welcome for this event at no additional charge.

Q: Where should I park on race day?

A: Morrow’s Meadow is open for parking this year.  You MUST be parked by 7:30.  Yorktown Middle School has a sizable parking lot with an available entrance and exit to SR 32.  Additional parking is available in the Yorktown Library Parking Lot, and the Yorktown United Methodist Church. A Public Parking Lot is located behind Osborn’s Restaurant.

Q: What if it rains?

A: Bring an umbrella!?!  We run rain or shine!  Only in the event of severe weather will we decide to delay or cancel.

Q: If I was registered for 2020, can I update my shirt size for the 2021 race?

A: Definitely! Complete this form.

Additional information can be found on the Final Instructions page.